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azie's FotoPages

By: Azie Alimuddin

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Thursday, 13-Nov-2008 12:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dihari Pernikahan ku...

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its about a year weddings my dream wedding..hehe...this 1st of December is our 1st year anniversary..but we cant even celebrate it together..1st dec of 2007, im become his ridiculous..haha..but it was.. whatever it is i love him so much!!!

Later i will upload our wedding ceremony picture..hehe[/size]

Monday, 25-Aug-2008 13:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
During my Convocation day...

kolej kediaman ku..
cik city...
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My convocation is august 2007...hehe..finally im finish my degree..physic industry from UTM skudai..muzukashi desu!!! Thanks to all lecturer, friends, family and those people that involved direct or indirectly during my study..

Monday, 18-Aug-2008 03:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
i, myself and me....

its me!!!
My name is azie...i love to meet new friends....i am a talkative person..try to know me,then u will understand how much i can talk in a minute...hehe

Watashino namae wa azie to moshimasu..atarashii tomodachi wa au taihen suki desu..watashiwa itsumo takusan hanashite iru hito desu..watashini renraku shite kudasai..korekara minnasan ni watashi o takusan ikura hanasu ka do ka ippun ni kan gurai to omou yo desu..hehe..

Name sy suke berkenalan dgn kawan seorg yg byk berckp..berkenalanla dgn sy..nanti korg akn tau berape byk sy bole berckp dlm seminit..hehe


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